14 May 2005

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog. For those of you who don't know what a blog is, it is short for weblog - the latest craze in communication, journalism and the internet in general. Over the the coming months I hope to post on a variety of topics, including family life, the GNU/Linux world, my hobbies and interests, and maybe even a few funny stories as and when I come across them. And yes you guessed it - I'm new to blogging, so forgive me if it takes a while to get up to speed. Feel free to post any suggestions....

To get you started, you might want to visit the following websites to get a feel for what I spend my internet time reading:

Groklaw (www.groklaw.net) - a blog by Pamela Jones (known as PJ) which started off by following the legal battle between Caldera (now known as SCO) and, well, lots of companies including IBM, Red Hat, Novell, Daimler-Chrysler and Autozone. It has a very active contributor community, and now covers lots of other areas including patents, Microsoft and legal issues generally from the tech world.

Linux Today - various news stories from the Linux world.

KDE Website of my favourite desktop environment. If you're not sure what KDE is, go to the website and have a look.

Gentoo Linux My current favourite Linux distribution. If you've never tried Linux before, you don't want to go here. Try Ubuntu or Red Hat Fedora Core 3 instead. And yes, they're both free (as in you don't have to pay) and Free (as in Free Speech, freedom). You may also want to take a peek at Mandriva, or try Knoppix for a bootable live CD that will give you an idea of what Linux is about. If you want to know more about Free Softare, have a look at The GNU website.

Oh, and occasionally I emerge from the world of Linux and have a look at The BBC Website to see what else is going on in the world.


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